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During the period I was doing research for my book, The Ultimate Grain-Free Cookbook, I learned there are many important reasons why we want to consume organic foods.  One  obvious reason is to avoid toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides (many of which are designed to literally ‘blow-up’ an insect’s stomach). But did you know that organic fruits and vegetables have been shown to produce specific enzymes, which we ingest, that target fungal growth as well as inhibit the ability for tumors to grow blood vessels (angiogenesis)?  Once the growing plants are sprayed with chemicals and they no longer have the threat of fungal attack, the plants stop producing these enzymes.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have these enzymes in mybody!

Saturating the plants and the soils they’re grown in with these chemicals that destroy the natural organisms in our soils deplete it to a point where the produce grown today has been shown to contain far lower amounts of nutrients compared with produce grown just 40 years ago. The onslaught of this chemical era is just one issue waging war on our food and our bodies. Stealth, chronic infections from microbes our immune systems are too weak to eliminate quickly have made our bodies their home. 

What has damaged our digestive systems and weakened our constitution?

1. Generations living on earth today have inherited nutrient deficient bodies, disturbed gut flora, and chronic infections causing widespread inflammation (often diagnosed as an ‘auto-immune’ disease) and literally changing our genome.

2. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies that worsen and go undetected and pathogens passed on by our food supply compound the problems.

3. Eating animals that have been fed an unnatural, chemically saturated, grain-based diet along with antibiotics, medications and hormones.

4. Decades of overuse of antibiotics.

5. Flouride, chlorine, ‘dirty’ vaccines, pharmaceuticals, food ‘additives’, mercury dental fillings.

6. Constantly bombarding our bodies with ‘foods’ that have little to no nutritional value yet use the same energy for processing through the digestive system, liver, kidneys, lymph, etc.

7. Decades of eating low fat, high sugar, starch and refined carbs has now produced generations with hormone issues and depressed brains that turn to pharmaceuticals for help.

The above is only a partial list that contributes to feeling tired, fatigued, plump, bloated, hot, cold, depressed, achy and angry. These feelings are not normal, no matter what age you are! These are signs of a struggling body. All of these feelings can be improved, and sometimes eliminated completely by throwing out a few bad habits (you know what I’m talking about!), feeding your body the fresh, organic food it’s starving for, spending active time in the sun, drinking fresh, mineral rich water and building good relationships that bring joy and laughter into your life. It’s really that simple!

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