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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase California Country Organics products?

Our products are available for purchase on our websiteand on Amazonand a few other select online and retail stores. We will in more retail stores in the near future. Please use this formto request your local store manager carry our products.

How long does shipping take?

Typically, you should receive your product within 3-5 days. Once your package has been mailed you should receive an email with tracking information. Please contact us if you have questions.

Do you ship outside the US?

We ship within the US, Guam and Puerto Rico. Our Canadian customers can purchase our products HERE and HERE.

Do you send out free coupons?

If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media you will see our latest specials, sales and giveaways.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Click here for the nutritional information that is also printed on the back of the package.

Is your product safe to eat if it is beyond the “best by” date?

We do not add any chemical preservatives to our products so we don’t recommend consuming it past the Best by date.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our dry mix products contain blanched almonds (skins removed) and coconut. Some of the baked products contain eggs. 

Are your almonds sprayed with chemicals?

 Water is used to remove the skins of the almonds and to pasteurize them, making them clean and pure to eat. No chemicals (specifically, propylene oxide or PPO) are used in the process.

Can your products be made without eggs to keep them vegan?

All of our products are plant-based and bake up nicely with most alternative egg replacements.

Are your products kosher?

Our products are Kosher Certified.

Is your baking soda aluminum-free?

Baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate. We don’t use baking powder which sometimes contains corn, starch and aluminum.

Can I use lemon juice as a vinegar replacement?  


My bread didn’t rise much.

We recommend using a kitchen scale to weigh your liquid ingredients because measuring cups and spoons can vary in volume. Too little water can inhibit the rise and too much can cause holes at the top. Squeezing and kneading the dough for the amount of time called for in the directions is very important to the dough’s rise.

My bread is dense.

Our recipes call for egg whites rather than whole eggs because the fat in the egg yolk creates a denser loaf of bread.

Should I separate fresh eggs or use liquid egg whites from the store?

Both work equally as well.

What do you recommend to use as an egg replacement?

Please see the directions on the package for our preferred replacement in the recipe.  

Do you have directions for baking at high altitude?

We recommend reducing your oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Are Your Baking Mixes okay for a Keto diet? 

Ketosis is a metabolic state achieved by keeping carb counts low so our mixes fit perfectly into a Keto diet.

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