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Quick Cranberries with PortI always make extra cranberries because I could eat them for days...and I do! I also use these for a cranberry 'jello' salad like my mother used to make. Well, almost like she used to make, just a tad better for the bod!
Coconut Lime PieWhen you put da lime in da co-co-nut so many things are possible! Use Key Limes if you can find them for this refreshing treat. The delicious graham cracker-like crust uses our REAL BREAD Baking Mix. However, if you've run out (better order now!), you can sub some coconut flour, although it simply won't be quite as tasty 😉 Similar recipes have used avocado, but honestly, I eat tons of avocado out here in Avocado Land and I like it best with a little salt and pepper instead of in my desserts. So, baby spinach it is, and no one will know! Makes one 8-9" pie
Vanilla CupcakesThis is one of my first recipes that started all my craziness of baking with whole foods. When I discovered that whole foods, a little sweetener, and my food processor made the most delicious treats, I became a bit obsessed! With coconut and almond flour readily available now, most of my recipes can simply be made using the blender. So, for those of you who don't want to pull out the food processor, you're in luck! Often, as with this recipe, I still like to use shredded coconut rather than the de-fatted flour, because I love the taste and the natural oil that comes with it. My high-speed blender also blends it so fine there's not that 'texture thing'. Even though our mix makes a mean cupcake, it's still fun to make them from scratch once and awhile!
Indian Summer (Sweet Tater ‘n Carrot) Blender Snack CakeWhere I live we're known to have endless summers. It suits me well because after nearly a decade in NYC I learned cold weather and I don't mix in the long term. So, the end of summer is still a bit melancholy for me but I easily cheer up once Halloween comes to mind. Hubby loves that first smell of chimney smoke and the crisp air that blows through our little valley. The first documented human inhabitants here were the band of Luisano Indians. Some of our local rocks even show the wear of when they would grind nuts and seeds to make their 'bread'. Thank goodness for blenders, right? And...delicious blender cake recipes!
Not DogsWell, I think this recipe is just gonna crack you up. At least it did me when I made it the first time. It tasted so much like the porky little link it was supposed to be. Even if you eat meat, so many people are cutting back these days for various reasons, that this little recipe may become a favorite. Now, if you're vegan or just don't do eggs, this one's not for you. But, in my opinion, you're missing out because this really beats those soy thingies from the store. And, of course, you must serve them on our Real Bread Grain Free Buns!
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