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Raising four hungry boys to become healthy, strapping young men, meant as their mother, I spent plenty of time in the kitchen.  I learned that most extracted starches (commonly found in gluten free and grain free foods) raise blood-sugar and promote weight gain… and that grains can often be contaminated and problematic for many people. So,  I chose more nutrient dense and higher quality ‘real foods’ as staples in my kitchen.

When my hubby Tom, known in these parts as Animal 😉 became involved, he encouraged me to share my delicious discoveries with others and that’s when our REAL BREADS & BAKING MIXES came to be.  Our ‘real food’ products are made without grains, soy, added sugar, dairy, yeast or any added starches.  Instead we use simple, clean, non-GMO, mostly organic ingredients for a happier, healthier YOU! 


More than a dozen years ago, we moved our family of four young men from the city to the southern California countryside.  Here, amongst the population of coyotes, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and jackalopes we built our farmhouse and began baking Real Bread!

It’s been a wild ride and we’ve loved every minute of it, well…almost every minute 😉    

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