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Whoopie Pies & Marshmallow Fluff

Yields1 Serving

We all know that whoopie pies are not really pies at all. They’re more a cross between a cake and a cookie. So, where they got their name is still a mystery to me because I've not yet Googled it. However, I refuse to let these questions keep me up at night, unless I happen to have one of these little goodies calling my name.

These are great treats for Halloween or any of the fun holidays coming up! This one's from my new book, the Ultimate Grain-Free Cookbook, but no blender needed this time :)

Grain Free Whoopie Pies

Dry Ingredients
 ¼ cup coconut flour
  cup cocoa powder
 1 ½ tsp psyllium husk powder
 1 tsp baking soda
  tsp sea salt
Blender Ingredients
 4 large eggs
 1 cup pumpkin puree
 ¼ cup water
 1 tsp pure monk fruit or stevia
 1 tbsp vanilla extract
 1 tsp almond extract
Marshmallow Fluff Ingredients
 1 cup water
 2 tsp gelatin (haven't tried agar)
 ½ cup egg white powder
 2 tsp *sweet potato flour
 ½ tsp pure monk fruit or stevia
 ½ cup of your favorite syrup sweetener
 1 tsp vanilla extract
 1 tsp almond extract
 1 cup palm shortening

Position your oven rack to middle portion of oven and preheat it to 350°F.


Line a sheet pan with parchment paper or a baking liner and set aside.


In a small bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients, sifting as necessary to remove any lumps.


In a medium bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients. Sprinkle in the dry ingredients and whisk to combine.


Using an ice cream scoop, place dollops of batter on the cookie sheet. Bake for 15 minutes.


Cool on pan until firm enough to move to a cooling rack or paper towels.


Place filling on top of one “pie” and then cover with another.

Marshmallow Fluff Directions

Heat the water in a small pan until very hot to the touch.


Add the gelatin, egg white powder, and sweet potato flour to the bowl of your stand mixer.


Turn the mixer on low and add the hot water, mixing until the gelatin is melted.


Add syrup and extracts and blend until room temperature. Add shortening and whip until fluffy.

NOTE: You can sub coconut flour if you don't yet have sweet potato flour. I highly recommend sweet potato flour for frostings!

NOTE: If it’s a warm day, you may need to chill the mixture first and then whip until flu