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SWEET SECRETS: Real Food Cupcakes

Sweet Secrets - Grain Free Recipes

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Throw out what you think you know about baking and take out your blender or food processor because Annabelle Lee is sharing her secrets for baking with real, whole foods! This book unlocks the mysteries to enjoying decadent desserts everyday while improving your health and waistline.

Made without added starches, flours, oils or refined sugars and instead, made with readily available ingredients straight from Mother Nature’s cupboards. These recipes promote digestion, burn fat, build muscle and don’t raise your blood sugar! Kids and adults love the traditional tastes and texture and YOU will love the guilty indulgence without the guilt!

Grab your BLENDER & some REAL FOOD ingredients 

to make these DELICIOUS CUPCAKES in a snap!

No One will EVER guess they’re SUPER GOOD for ’em!

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